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This article will look to show you all you need to know about the Costa Brava, so that you could explore it whenever you are next in Barcelona. 

All the places are a short drive away from Barcelona and are accessible by buses and trains. Of course, it goes without saying that there will be changes to public transport schedules and regulations in adherence to the current health situation. 

Therefore we suggest checking in advance before making concrete plans to explore the Costa Brava, but this article should get the ball rolling!


Lloret de Mar

First up is Lloret de Mar, which is found some 50 miles away from Barcelona, and 25 miles from Girona. With plenty of cultural sites, gardens and beaches, it is easily one of the most popular locations on the Costa Brava. With history dating back to Roman times, this spot is a great destination for history lovers, who wish to be by the beach when on holiday in Catalonia. Some of the must-see sites are the Gothic Church of Sant Romà and the Medieval Caste of Sant Joan, both of which are well preserved, with the latter offering some amazing views of the Costa Brava. As for beaches, the Lloret Beach is the main one, running 1,630 metres and is made of sand, making it the most popular in this town. However, there are also the Fenals, Sa Boadella and Santa Cristina beaches that are all accredited with the blue flag seal of quality, offering slightly quieter places to relax.


Tossa de Mar

Next on the list, found some 60 miles from Barcelona, is Tossa de Mar. This is one of the most historic places on the Costa Brava, with clear links back to the Neolithic period (some 12,000 years ago!). The main economic industry found here, other than tourism, is fishing- we suggest trying any locally caught fish at one of the many restaurants found here. As for other things to do in Tossa de Mar, you should check out the Roman Villa of Ametllers, a Roman villa that you can visit the ruins of! Also, there is a ‘Walled-in Old Town’ here, which dates back to the 14th century. You can visit here and see the medieval hospital, the Municipal museum and some churches. After doing all this, you can relax on the Tossa Beach or the Mar Menuda, which offers some fantastic sports facilities for you!



A slightly smaller place for you to explore on the Costa Brava is Begur. Home to some 4,000 locals, this village has a very traditional Catalan feel to it, with low-rise buildings that lead towards the sea. There are more historical sites here, with the main one being the Castle of Begur, which was constructed in the Medieval period, some 400 years ago! As for beaches, the Sa Riera, Aiguafreda and Sa Tuna are the standouts here for you to go and relax after spending time wandering around the wonderful streets.



Another small fishing town found on the Costa Brava, is L’Escala. Situated between the Gulf of Roses and Cala Montgó, this spot is a more secluded choice but no less beautiful! This place is known for its anchovies and must be tried in one of the restaurants or bars of L’Escala. In keeping with its fishing heritage, there is the Alfolí de la Sal, a 17th Century warehouse that stored all the salt needed to preserve the fish caught here! In addition to this, you should check out the ruins of Empúries, which date back to 580BC.



The last on the list, is one of the most well-known spots along the Costa Brava, Cadaqués. Once frequented by the likes of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, visiting here will help you understand just why this place is so popular- you’ll even be able to visit Dalís house here! One of the most interesting parts of this town’s history is that in the early 20th Century, many of its inhabitants went to Cuba in search for economic gain; something they would be able to achieve. Upon returning to Cadaqués, these people would build Cuban style houses and bars in homage to Habana life, you can still visit these spots nowadays. Discover Cadaqués, just a 2hr 30min drive from Barcelona, fall in love with the Costa Brava whilst you’re here or at any of the aforementioned spots!




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Explore the Costa Brava