Places to Visit in Sacramento City as a First-Time Visitor


Among the world’s famous cities, Sacramento tops the list.

You may be going for business or tourism, and you’ll love the tourist attraction sites in this lovely city in California.


Here are five attraction sites which are a must-visit during your tour and will forever remain etched in your memory.

Sacramento River Bridge/Tower Bridge

The tower bride acts as a link between Sacramento County, which is towards the east and the west where Yolo County is. With the increase in population, the previous bridge wasn’t sufficient, and in 1934 the construction of the tower bridge started.


Sutter’s Fort

Not only history enthusiasts fall in love with the Sutter’s Fort, set up in 1839; you too can. You can get to the fort by hailing a Sacramento taxi yellow cab to get there fast. While there, you’ll learn about how John Sutter, the fort’s builder, constructed it in 1841.

Sutter later on exited the fort in 1848 after discovering gold in Coloma. The fort has, however, restored to its original glory, and you can encounter its history. You can get an insight into the formation of Sacramento, California Gold Rush, and Donner Party.


Sacramento River Trail

Along the Sacramento River banks lies the extensive river trail that should be a must-visit for you while at California. While walking or cycling on the river trail, you can see the Trinity Mountains and the Sacramento river in their magnificence. Snow from the nearby mountains melts during spring and gives the river its deep-blue hue.

In 1990 the Sacramento River Trail bridge opened and was also an excellent tourist attraction site. The bridge allows you to either cross and goes to the east or head to the western side where Keswick Dam is and return to where you started. The river trail is excellent for outdoor activities such as cycling, running, and walking.


Railroad Museum

California State Railroad Museum, located in Sacramento city, is a sight to behold. If you want to have a feel of traveling back in time, this is the place to visit. You’ll find railroad cars and locomotives that were in use I 1862 that have had a restoration.

While you enjoy the rides, you’ll learn about the history of the locomotives and how they changed the American way of life. The museum exhibition includes artifacts, photographs, and other forms of collectibles. The museum’s rich history is well explained and re-enacted in a way that will live you enchanted.


Sacramento Zoo

You’ll find the Sacramento zoo that opened in 1927 in William Land Park, Sacramento city.

While it first started, there were only 40 animals, but it has their population has since grown to over 500 animals. At the zoo, you can see monkeys, giraffes, different kinds of birds, and reptiles. The beauty of seeing various animals at a zoo is breathtaking, and that’s why you shouldn’t miss this Sacramento zoo.



What is travel without something to carry in your memory forever?

Well, a visit to Sacramento city will be a memory worth remembering. From the zoo, river trail, railroad museum, to Sutter’s Fort, you’ll have an enjoyable tour.



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Places to Visit in Sacramento City as a First-Time Visitor