The Best Adrenaline Adventures in Catalonia


Catalonia is an excellent place to live or travel to thanks to its varied terrain, with the mountainous Pyrenees to the north, and beautiful Mediterranean Sea to the south.

For those that love to get their heart racing and adrenaline pumping, Catalonia is the place to be! From abseiling the mountains, flying through the sky, racing down a rollercoaster drop, to jumping off a bridge into the canyon below, this exhilarating Spanish region can provide.


Here are the top adrenaline adventures in Catalonia

White water rafting

Spain is one of the best countries in Europe for white water rafting thanks to the excellent weather conditions, and the Pyrenees the best location within the country with a better volume of water and a great variety of canyons. Depending on the difficulty of the river, this activity can be suitable for families, or for those wanting a white-knuckle ride!

This activity is still extremely safe to do, the worst injury you’re at risk of is sunburn! There are different companies that offer white water rafting, and experienced and professional guides will accompany the group to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. The best time of year to go white water rafting is in the Springtime of April, May and June, but you can still head out until the end of summer.


Ferrari Land

Part of the PortAventura Theme Park, Ferrari Land is a unique theme park to Europe that is inspired by the legendary Italian brand and its creator, Enzo Ferrari. The best ride for thrill-seekers here is the Red Force rollercoaster, the highest and fastest vertical accelerator in Europe. The rollercoaster accelerates from 180kmh in just 5 seconds, one that’s not for the faint hearted! Another adrenaline inducing coaster here is the Thrill Towers, a 55-metre-high free fall that’s sure to leave your heart in your mouth.

Access to Ferrari Land is included in the general ticket for the PortAventura park, and also gives you a chance to experience the other exciting rides in the park too. This activity is suitable for any age to go to, and costs €56 for adults for the day, and a reduced price of €49 for kids and seniors.


Canyoning in Pallars Sobirà

If you’re an adrenaline seeker, then canyoning is the best activity for you! A day of descending canyons, swimming, jumping, sliding and abseiling is sure to get your heart racing. The experience can be customised depending on your skill level and what you would prefer to do, for example if you’d prefer to do more swimming and sliding natural slides instead of the exhilarating pond jumping.

The canyoning tours are subject to weather conditions but can be booked for any day of the week. It’s essential to know how to swim for this one, but no prior experience is necessary. Pallars Sobirà is located in the central Pyrenees, so makes for some stunning scenery, but travelling here will require some pre-planning and will most likely require a car to get to.


Hot air Balloon tour

What better way to get to know Catalonia than by a hot air balloon flight through the sky? See the Mediterranean coast, Montseny Natural Park, Montserrat mountain, and Barcelona all within the space of an hour! This activity is the perfect combination of thrills and relaxation, perfect if you and your group can’t decide on what to get up to in Catalonia.

A pricier option of the list, a Catalonia hot air balloon tour costs €180 per person, but this price also includes transportation to and from Barcelona and a local brunch too. This one is very weather dependent because of the nature of the activity, and safety is always paramount, so it bear in mind that it may have to be refunded or rearranged at last minute.


Mountain Climbing the Pedraforca

Pedraforca is one of the most beautiful mountains in Catalonia, meaning ‘pitchfork of stone’ in Catalan as its two main peaks look like a pitchfork when viewed from the East. The normal hiking route here is a popular one in summer as its relatively easy, a good option for those with children. For those looking for a bit more of a challenge, taking the route by Coll de Verdet up to the summit takes around 5 hours with a slope ascent of 900m, it’s not for the inexperienced hiker!

The mountain can be climbed in all seasons, but in December to April there’s usually snow so the ascent at this time is a little more difficult. If you’re after a cheap day out, heading to Pedraforca is a great idea as there is no entry fee to the area, it is however a protected area so just remember to be respectful to the animals and plants!


Bungee jumping in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia

Defy gravity and get your adrenaline kick by bungee jumping thirty metres off the Sant Sadurní d’Anoia bridge! 30 metres doesn’t sound too high until you’re stood on the edge ready to go, but it’s the perfect activity for those that want to push themselves out of their comfort zones.

There’s the option to buy a ticket for a solo jump either once or twice, or to take the tandem jump and go down with another person! The price starts at €35, and anyone can take part in this as long as they’re brave enough to take the plunge.



If you’re an outdoor lover, exploring Catalonia’s caves and caverns is the perfect choice for you. Take a descent tour through the darkness of the cave and discover the natural beauty of the region from a different perspective.

There are lots of different caves to explore here, and tours will include a professional team of mountain guides who can safely allow you to carry out the activity. This is another weather dependent activity, and guides will only allow the caving to be undertaken in safe conditions.



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The Best Adrenaline Adventures in Catalonia